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Best rooftop bars in Barcelona

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Long time no see! To be honest I haven’t been really inspired lately and I couldn’t force myself to dedicate time to write a new blog post. But I decided that it is time to start again. And what is a better topic than my favorite hobby – rooftop bar exploration!

People who know me and those who are following my Instagram account probably have noticed that I have a weak spot when it comes to rooftop bars. They basically combine my two favorite things – views from the top and cocktails… How can I not adore them?!

Barcelona is such a paradise when it comes to rooftop bars. First, because there are so many of them, second, because of the distribution of the town – going up to the hills the view just gets better and better and third, because of the weather, it is warm and sunny most of the year so you can enjoy a nice drink outside probably during 9-10 months of the year.

I had a list of rooftops that I want to visit and to be honest I haven’t been to all of them yet. Some of them are easily reachable and closer to the city center, others are located in areas that require going by car or changing several types of transportation. In this post you will see some of my personal favorite spots. As I mentioned I haven’t been to all of them, this means that this post will be constantly updated with new buzzing rooftop treasures. Others I didn麓t like, so I wouldn麓t recommend them neither.

Top 14 Best rooftop bars in Barcelona by Travelistagoesto (updated)

  1. 1881 Terraza de les Indianes – Sagardi
Terraza de les Indianes 1881 – Sagardi

This one has been my favorite spot in town for the past 2 years and probably still is. I haven’t heard of it up until a friend of mine took me there and I haven’t stopped going ever since. There are bars that offer amazing views and others that offer amazing ambience. Terraza de les Indianes combines both! The view is simply stunning! It is located on the top of the History museum of Catalonia at the port. Watching the sunset with a delicious cocktail in hand listening to the relaxing house music sets that the DJ plays is a simple perfection. The place became very popular these few years and sometimes there is a queue. By the way, you can still go there and enjoy the view without visiting the bar.

Terraza de les Indianes 1881 – Sagardi
2. Hotel 54 Terraza
Hotel 54

This one is also one of my favorite hidden jams! It used to be so intimate and secluded but lately it gets more and more popular (maybe I shared way to many pictures and stories on Instagram 馃榾 ) . The view is pretty similar to the one of the previous bar as they are located really close one to another. The terrace of Hotel 54 is way smaller, there are only 6-7 tables available. It was one of the best places because it offers an amazing view and the prices were really cheap compared to the rest of the rooftop bars in Barcelona.

I got disappointed lately as they increased the prices almost double in the past few months and let’s face it, it is not worth it. It is a self service type of bar and also they give you plastic cups…Cannot compete with the rest of the bars in that sense, but it is still a good place to enjoy your day and evening. Keep in mind that it closes relatively early, around 9-10 (during the summer it might be open until later, but they turn off the music) because of the noise and the complaints of the neighbors. It is free for public and you can go just to see the view if you don’t want to stay for a drink.

3. Ayre Hotel Rosell贸n
Ayre Hotel Rosell贸n

Sagrada familia is one of the jewels of Barcelona. The terrace of Ayre Hotel Rosell贸n reveals a breath-taking view towards the Basilica. Great ambience, delicious cocktails and nice music. The terrace opens in the afternoon, so check the timings before you go.

Ayre Hotel Rosell贸n
4. Hotel Eurostars Grand Marina
Hotel Eurostar Grand Marina

I used to work in the World Trade Center where this hotel is located and some of our company events were done in this bar. To be honest I am really not sure if you can go without being a guest of the hotel Grand Marina, but the view that the terrace reveals is simply amazing! The space is quite big and it makes it perfect for business events.

5. Hotel Col贸n terraza
Hotel Col贸n

The cathedral of Barcelona (not Sagrada familia) is another stunning building to be seen while in the city. If you want to enjoy the view from above, hotel Col贸n is your place. This is a bar where you go just for the view, which is one of the most stunning ones here. The prices are slightly higher than usual and the ambience is quite…boring to be honest, but the view is worth it. Instagram lovers, you are welcome.

6. Hotel Duquesa de Cardona
Duquesa de la Cordona

This is one of the most recent places I麓ve visited. Duquesa de Cardona is another hotel terrace open to the public. The view is beautiful and the environment is quite nice. It is open all day long so you can go even in the afternoon or midday. Approved!

7. Terraza la Isabela – Hotel 1898
LA Isabela 1898

OK, here is obvious that I wanted to go there because of the name of the bar, but turned out that Izabela likes la Isabela. Very stylish atmosphere, good service and a beautiful view. It is open for public and it is right in the heart of Barcelona.

8. Terraza 360麓 – Hotel Barcel贸 Raval
Terraza 360′ Hotel Barcelo Raval

This bar offers 360′ view around the city and it is quite impressive. There is a pool as well and the cocktails are good. The neighborhood is not one of my favorites, but hotel Barcelo itself is located quite centric. It is open for public and you can visit it just for the views in case you don’t feel like staying.

9. Terraza Pulitzer – Hotel Pulitzer
Terraza Pulitzer

Hotel Pulitzer is one of my favorite party rooftop bars. The picture that I am using is obviously not taken by me as it is always so busy and crowded that it is impossible to take a proper picture. The hotel is located right next to plaza Catalunya and the terrace view is nothing special, but the ambience is vibrant! Usually in the evenings on Friday and in the weekends there is a live DJ and the party is super fresh. It is a nice place to meet people and to enjoy a nice cocktail under the stars. The prices are also very affordable compared to some of the other rooftop bars in the city.

10. Hotel Edition Barcelona
Hotel Edition Barcelona

The rooftop of Hotel Edition is located in Born district right next to St. Catherine market. The view from the top is quite impressive. It has two terraces, one looks towards the see and the other one towards mount Tibidabo. The ambiance is very stylish and they offer unique cocktails. Lovely place.

11. Sky bar Hotel Iberostar Paseo de Gracia
Sky bar hotel Iberostar

Hotel Iberostar is located at Plaza Catalunya, maybe the most famous square of Barcelona and what is considered to be the center of the city. The terrace itself is very impressive and the view is absolutely stunning. There is a swimming pool as well. The terrace is open to the public and the prices are more or less the same as in every other rooftop or slightly higher. In the summer period there are many open air after work parties that take place on this terrace.

12. Hotel H10 Madison.
Hotel H10

This is my latest discovery. It’s been on my list for a while but never had the chance to go there up until yesterday. So just to clarify, yesterday was 1st of December and I was drinking my cocktail and sunbathing on a terrace! The hotel is located one minute away from the Cathedral of Barcelona and right behind Hotel Colon. Even though the view from the terrace of hotel Colon is stunning, the bar gets very crowded and the ambiance is very stiff. I liked much more the one of H10 – it wasn’t busy at all (ok, this is maybe because we are in December now), the design is beautiful, the cocktails are good and there is also music which is not the case in many other rooftops. The view is also quite impressive. There are several hotels of this chain distributed all around the city, so I believe there are more terraces to be explored!

13. Dolce vita – Hotel Majestic
Dolce vita – Hotel Majestic

This one I will add only for the posh readers of this article. Dolce vita is a beautiful terrace with great views but it is very expensive for my taste. It is located at Passeig de Gracia also known as the most expensive street in Barcelona. Just to give you an idea, if you go there, be prepared to pay 22 euros for a cocktail (the most simple ones cost 16 euros). For me it was kind of a one time experience, but if you can afford it, it is a nice place to go.

14. Eclipse bar/club – Hotel W Barcelona
Eclipse bar W Barcelona

OK, this is not a typical rooftop or a terrace, but it is one of the most famous bars with a view of Barcelona. W hotel is the most posh hotel in the city and Eclipse is the club preferred by celebrities while in the city. It is based on the 26th floor of the hotel and the hotel itself is located right on the beach. I was curious to see what it is about although I was not absolutely convinced that I will feel comfortable in such a posh environment. I attended a party event there and it was definitely that luxurious as I expected. Don’t get me wrong, the hotel itself is quite posh, but the club was as normal as any other club. The view is really impressive though, I guess it is even more stunning during the day. The prices of the cocktails are slightly higher than the rest of the bars, but not as high as in Hotel Majestic. It is worth visiting once, but it is not my type of environment.

Well, this is my top 14 so far, I am planning to visit a few more and I hope to update this list with more amazing and interesting places to go! I hope you liked it!

NB! If you are wondering what to visit while in Barcelona, you can find more information on my blog, just follow the link!

See you soon with more useful tips and tricks!

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