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Nuremberg, Germany – what to visit

Hey hey! Today’s post will teleport us to Germany. I’ve been to just few German cities but Bavaria region is one of my favorite so far. As a citizen of the world I do have friends in many places and Nuremberg is one of them. To be honest, the city was never in my bucket list, actually I didn’t know that it exists until my ex-roommate moved there. She was inviting me there so many times that in the end I decided to go. I hadn’t seen her for a while and it was a good opportunity to do two things at once – visit a new city and spend some quality girls time with my good friend. Let’s see together what to visit while in Nuremberg, Germany!

Old Nuremberg

This time I was not prepared at all, I hadn’t researched anything before going. First, I knew that she will show me around and second, I didn’t want to set some expectations. And frankly, I was positively surprised! Nuremberg is a really cute city, calm and quite, it has this medieval spirit.

Here are some tips before you go:
  • The town itself is not that big (no matter that it is the second larger in Bavaria, after Munich), especially the most touristic places are located relatively close one to another so you can easily reach them by foot.
  • Using a bike is a proper way of transportation.
  • Germans are crazy about the sun, if they see sunlight all the parks become full of people, you can barely see the grass! And every meadow becomes a beach and it is fine to wear your swimsuit there.
  • German food is not famous by being super tasty and it is definitely not my favorite. Sausages, potatoes, pretzels (I like those!), more sausages, bigger sausages, smaller sausages, thinner sausages…and yeah, giant sausages!
  • Nuremberg held great significance during the Nazi Germany. Because of its location in the center of Germany, the Nazi party chose the city to be the site of huge Nazi Party conventions – the Nuremberg Rallies. Even though the city was marked by Hitler’s presence, Germans don’t talk about him. Try not to mention his name, some of them could get offended.
  • Going to a festival similar to Octoberfest is a lifetime experience, these people are absolutely nuts!

I visited the city in the beginning of June. The weather was really good and the city was green and full of flowers. It results that Nuremberg has many museums, but unfortunately you won’t be able to read about them here, nice try. But besides that I can tell you more about the places that I managed to explore during my 3 days stay in this colorful city.

Here is my list of interesting places that I recommend visiting:

1.Reichsparteigelande (Nazi party Rally Grounds) and Kongresshalle.

The Nazis chose Nuremberg to be the site of the Nazi Party Rallies. There is still unfinished Congress hall on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds, it now houses the Documentation center. There is a permanent exhibition called “Fascination and Terror”. Those Rallies were used by the Nazis to promote their propaganda and they truly were powerful mass events. The congress hall was never used. You can also visit the Zeppelin field – a stadium to hold 400,000 where Hitler did some of his speeches. I didn’t enter the museum itself, but I could feel creepy goosebumps all over my body just by visiting the area. The stadium is poorly maintained and it is kind of scary place. Even though Hitler is part of their history, Germans never talk about him. His name is kind of forbidden to mention as I stated before.

2.The Haupmarkt square

It is indeed a beautiful square located in the old town. During Christmas time there you can find Nuremberg’s Christmas market. The square is where the main market takes place. You can buy flowers, plants, food, handmade stuff or just sit and relax.



The church of our lady. Located in the old town of Nuremberg, on the eastern side of the main market. It has beautiful Gothic architecture. You can also hear the organ playing at some point during the day.


4. Der Schöene Brunnen

The literal translation is the beautiful fountain. It was created in the 14th century and now it is located next to the main market. The fountain is in the shape of a Gothic spire. There are two brass rings embedded in the fence surrounding the fountain on opposite sides. There is a saying that they bring good luck to those who spin them.

Schöene Brunnen

5. St. Sebaldus – Sebalduskirche


The oldest and one of the most important medieval churches in town. It is located in front of the old city hall. It was almost destroyed during the World War II but reconstructed after that.


6.St. Lorenz Church

St. Lorenz church

Another beautiful Gothic medieval church. It was terribly damaged during the WWII but restored after that as the rest of the city.

7. Kaiserburg – Imperial castle of Nuremberg

Nuremberg castle

Nuremberg caste is a group of medieval fortified buildings on a sandstone ridge. It has three sections – the Imperial castle, the former Burgraves’ castle and the buildings erected by the Imperial City at the eastern site. You can access the castle via Burgstrasse ending in front of the sandstone ridge. Passing by the Heavenly gate which is next to the Hasenburg tower you will enter the courtyard. It is probably the highest place in town so the view from above is absolutely stunning.


It is a beautiful garden right next to the castle, not so easy to find, but definitely worth it! Just follow the little stairs and you will find it. Has many beautifully decorated flower gardens and the view as also pretty impressive.



This is one of the best attractions in town! Typical Bavarian colorful narrow street! The houses and well maintained and preserved, they give you an amazing vibe while walking through the cobbled street. Nowadays you can find many shops, bars and galleries there.


10.Albrecht Durer’s house

The house has four floors – the bottom two have sandstone walls and the upper two are timber framed. The small windows on the roof were added so it could serve as an observatory. The house is located in the bottom of the castle close to Beim Tiergartnertor. The square in front of the house is really beautiful and picturesque and you can sit, relax and enjoy a glass of Prosecco as we did.

11.Hangman’s bridge and house

It is a wooden covered bridge over the river. It provides beautiful views of the river. It connects the house with the rest of the city. Today it is used as a museum.


Originally a special hospital for lepers, later used as a wine storage building – now a student dorm.  Is it only me, or the way its purpose changed during the centuries sounds pretty funny? This is one of the most photographed places in town. Most of the postcards show the view from Maxbrucke towards the tower and the house together with the bridge.

13.Barockgarten – Hesperidengarten

It is located close to the old city. It is a nice place with little fountains, baroque sculptures and lots of bushes and flowers. If you have a limited time you can easily skip it, it is not a must see for sure, but it is a nice place to sit and relax.


I’ve never been to Octoberfest but I’ve always wanted to go. I’ve visited Munich just few weeks before the celebration so I couldn’t attend. I was lucky enough to be in Nuremberg just at the time when near the city there is a similar festival. The festival happens in the city called Erlagen and its name is Bergkirchweih. The city is located just 30 minutes outside Nuremberg and it is easily reachable by train. The festival was absolutely insane! Tons of crazy singing jumping drunk Germans having lots of fun! They are dressed in traditional clothes and drink gallons of beer. To be honest the jar was super heavy, I had to hold it with my two hands! The place where the festival is located is actually kind of in the woods. They sell food and drinks, there is live music and different small bars, it is super nice and extremely crowded. Everything was fine until it started raining like hell! At some point we had to evacuate and return to the city wet to the bones. But I will remember this night for a long long time!

Old Nuremberg
About the night life…

Nuremberg is a student city and there are some good night life spots. We decided to remember our good old student life nights (my friend and I met in the University) and we did a proper pub crawl. As you can imagine, I don’t remember the names of some of the places we have visited, but here are few recommendations for places that deserve to be put in your party plan:

  • Sommer in der city – this is an artificial beach bar. Every year they bring sand and build this beach next to the river. There are many sunbeds and drinks, music sometimes, it was a really nice place to have a drink at night and meet new people. And during the day as well.
  • Gemein und Gefahrlich – cool night club with nice music.
  • Rosi Schulz – another fun night club. I have a hilarious story about this one, but this is not the place to share it. If you are curious you can send me a message and I will tell you the story.
  • Café bar Wanderer – really nice café bar close to Durer’s house. It is located at a nice square with picturesque views.
  • Society Nurnberg – a shisha bar. This bar is typical Arabic shisha bar for the shisha lovers. I really liked the music as well – hip-hop and R’n’B hits.
  • Johan Speisekammer – a nice place we found during our walk around the city where they had the tastiest ice-cream ever – with mint flavor, like Ice-cream Mojito, so delicious!

If you want to taste local food there are also many traditional restaurants, we visited one at the river, but I don’t remember the name. The food was good I guess, Wurst with curry, but as I told you, I am not a big fan.

Old Nuremberg

Nuremberg was a positive experience in my travel history. I love when you don’t have any expectations and it turns to be a positive surprise. If you haven’t put it in your plans for the future, maybe now is a good time to do so, you won’t regret.

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See you soon when Travelista goes to…

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